In Lithuania we are the only who organize such comprehensive training of permanent makeup removal, bleaching and correction, that are essential for every PMU artist. Products and techniques of permanent makeup are changing and more often we could meet clients who have visible imperfections of previous permanent makeup that was made with poor products which are changing the colour, or bad examples of works with incorrect shapes, that clients want to correct.
Every PMU artist who wants to be genuine professional in this field, should know not only how to make perfect new work but also how to correct bad ones, even the most difficult cases.
In this course that is organised by international training centre “GK Academy” you will get theoretical and practical skills during which you will learn:
- how to mix different pigments in a correct way and how to fade out unwanted shade;
- how works PMU removal procedure using laser, removing tattoos, organic and mineral pigments;
- PMU removal procedure that will fully remove permanent makeup or mistakes of it;
- how to bleach PMU, if you want to have smooth transition from dark shades of eyebrow to more soft or light;
This unique training was explicitly researched, tested and improved by “GK Academy” professionals for more than several years, with reference to experience of our artists and lectures as much as with knowledge that was gained during the different seminars and conferences from Europe.
Our technology of pigments/tattoo removing is very effective, because of using newest and most innovative products that are available, that present excellent results and give opportunity to remove PMU just after one or two procedures.
Obtained Qualification:
PMU REMOVAL specialist
Training is dedicated for:
• Permanent makeup professionals who want to learn permanent makeup removal, fading.
The course consists of two parts: theoretical and practical.
PMU removal, bleaching and correction
Texture of the skin and peculiarities
Hygiene standards
Pigments and how to choose them
Overlay, camouflage
The advantages and disadvantages of removing pigments with laser: possibilities and consequences
Products for tattoo and pigments removal
Composition or removals
Use of different needles for removing pigments
Main products for work
Additional products for work
The correction of other artists work
Clients consultation
Diagnosis of the client
Repeating the procedure
Client’s history (indications and contradictions)
Peculiarities of working with different types of skin
Peculiarities of working in different parts of the skin
Preparing for the work
Course of the procedure
After care Post-procedural period - its peculiarities
Consulting client after the procedure
Solutions to complex situations.
During the PRACTICE you (with the help of lecturer who have huge professional experience) will make the eyebrows PMU removal and bleaching procedure. Using gained knowledge of colouring you will learn how to choose and make the best colour for the eyebrows and how to overlay old PMU on real models.
During the training you will be provided with all the necessary visual and methodological material as well as all the professional certified materials needed for the practical part of the course. We will answer any questions you may have. After the training we provide advice indefinitely.
After the courses we will give you an INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE certified by the Ministry of Education and Science.
Training place:
International Training Center "GK Academy", V.Grybo str. 17, Vilnius.
INDIVIDUAL 1 day, 10 ac.h. course price 700 EUR 
If you have any questions or would like to register, call the number +370 676 87272 or write to
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