About us

GK Academy - is an expert team in the field of eyelash extensions, eyebrows architecture, which has accumulated considerable experience and has been successfully operating since 2009. We see great potential in the field of beauty, so we strove and strive to be the best in this industry. Our credo is to make this world more beautiful place.
GK Academy – team consist of a strong team of experienced, highly qualified lecturers who are justices in worldwide trainings, excellent guidance, assistance and administration. We are proud to be able to provide not only an online store with a wide selection of high-end products for nurturing beauty, especially eyelash extensions procedures, but also the highest level of training for existing and future beauty professionals.
Skilled GK Academy professionals use the latest training methodologies, train and advise each future beauty care provider individually - during and after the trainings. We focus solely on comprehensive and quality training in accordance with all global standards and hygiene standards, and in order to improve the skills of future beauty professionals, most of the time allocated to the courses is practice. It is during the practice that you will be provided with all the details and revealed all the subtleties of practical work.
Only with trained an experienced professional help, you will much easier master all the knowledge and techniques of performing the procedure and avoid possible errors during the procedure. Upon completion of the courses in the International GK Academy, students receive the Certificates-Diploma approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania is delivered at the training center.
Our courses were developed to help beauticians around the world become successful and professional artists.  GK Academy Accreditation was founded to maintain the highest level so you can be sure that you are receiving course material which remain significant and is leading in beauty industry.
We are THE ONLY ONE in the world providing the highest – EXPERT’s qualification for eyelash extensions artists.
All GK Academy certificates are accredited and approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania and are valid worldwide. We provide accreditation for eyelash extensions, eyebrows treatment artists and future educators.
At the moment we can offer the following courses:
Eyelash extensions for begginers 
MasterClass Volume (2-14D) technique: Volume, Russian Volume, Mega Volume, Capping 
EXPERT MasterClass eyelash extension 
Eyelashes lamination 
Eyebrow MasterClass
Eyebrow Permanent makeup
Eyeliner and lips permanent makeup
MasterClass Eyebrow permanent makeup - Hair by hair
Small tattoo
We are not going to stop here, we are happy to introduce new ONLINE courses which you will find here: www.gkacademyonline.com
Why choose us?
• We provide only the highest level of service
• We guarantee the highest quality service package
• We guarantee top-notch courses, their completeness and competitive price
• We only work with top quality manufacturers and carefully selected tools and supplies for professionals
• We form our team together with our clients
GK Academy is the quality that beauty experts appreciate.