Eyebrow permanent makeup is a modern procedure that has been ranked among the most popular beauty treatments for years. It allows to visually adjust facial features, hide scars, and give expressiveness for the face. To receive professional results after the eyebrow permanent make-up procedure, it is crucial to have the necessary knowledge and solid foundation upon which will depend your quality of work and feedback from your first clients.
We are the only in Lithuania organizing INDIVIDUAL 5-Day length eyebrow permanent makeup training, where you will learn all the latest techniques available on the world market: OMBRE, DUST, PIXEL, POWDER, 3D. Based on our huge professional experience, we know that it is better to master hardware and manual techniques in the eyebrow area first and then to move on learning permanent makeup of eye or lips.
Obtained Qualification:
BASIC – 1 level
PMU REMOVAL specialist
Training is dedicated for:
• Future specialists who are starting off their career in permanent makeup.
Purpose of training:
• To pass on many years of experience that will enable you to follow the path of professionalism and feel confident.
• To introduce the latest equipment and products for permanent makeup.
• To teach how to make eyebrow permanent makeup procedure and touch up, choosing the most appropriate technique and method.
• To introduce fashion trends of permanent makeup of eyebrows.
• To teach how to perform the procedure at the highest level of customer service, adhering to all norms and requirements.
• To teach how to attract new customers.
Benefits of training:
• You will receive knowledge of dermatology, skin texture, types.
• You will become familiar with eyebrow shapes, peculiarities of correct selection of shape.
• You will learn how to choose the most appropriate tools, products, and equipment to perform the procedure.
• You will learn how to do eyebrow permanent makeup professionally, taking into account the specifics of the client's skin and face.
• You will learn how to choose the most appropriate eyebrow permanent makeup technique for your client.
• You will learn to give advice and guidance to the client.
• During the training you will gain strong theoretical knowledge and practical experience to feel confident with your first clients after the training.
• As GK Academy students become part of our team, we will support you on your new career path indefinitely and answer any questions you may have at any time.
This training is led by professional permanent makeup lecturer, who has relevant experience in this field. She is constantly developing new techniques for permanent makeup, using the latest methodologies to provide GK Academy students with the most innovative, top-notch training.
During the PRACTICE, with the help and care of a professional tutor, you will do an eyebrow permanent makeup on artificial skin and 6 models using different technologies.
Training place:
International Training Center "GK Academy", V.Grybo str. 17, Vilnius.
• INDIVIDUAL EXTENDED (+ permanent makeup removal, fading) 5-Day length, 50 ac.h. - 2600 EUR
You will be given two international certificates in English which are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.
During the training you will be provided with the all necessary visual and methodological material. All required professional certified materials you will use during the training are included in the cost of the training.
After the training we will give you a discount on the purchase of equipment.
If you have any questions or want to register please call +370 676 87272 or write info@gkacademy.lt
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