Areola’s restorative dermopigmentation is applied in the breast area to accentuate the nipple color, adjust shape/size, or completely visually restore the aureole if it was missing. Procedure is chosen by most women who experienced surgery and no longer have areolas or nipples of the breast. Whatever the reason is, for both men and women, dermopigmentation is a great option that can restore them to a more complete and natural look.
Thanks to areola reconstruction procedure by dermapigmentation, we can help to our clients to stop feeling incomplete, embarrassed by their body, and unable to feel good in their own skin. We can create natural, realistic looking 3 Dimensional shading to restore areolas and bring back self-esteem. This procedure helps to avoid more difficult techniques, such as ones which are used in plastic surgery. However, in case to receive desirable effect, this procedure requires special knowledge and specific technical and psychological preparation. Such specialists are very demanded nowadays, especially among women who want to restore areola.
Obtained Qualification:
AREOLA micropigmentation specialist.
Training is dedicated for:
• Future permanent makeup specialists who want to specialize in areola micropigmentation.
• Permanent makeup specialists who want to learn new techniques or to rise their qualification.
Purpose of training:
• To pass on dermatological knowledge that is necessary for performing procedure.
• To give restorative dermapigmentation education and psychological preparation.
• To provide theoretical knowledge and teach dermogmentation of the nipple/areola.
• To teach how to correctly select pigments, their shades and the subtleties of blending to achieve the desired shade.
• Introduce the latest dermopigmentation equipment, pigments, applicators and special aids.
• To teach how to perform the procedure at the highest level of customer service, adhering to all norms and requirements.
• The aim of the course is to professionally prepare a dermopigmentation specialist, who can offer not only aesthetic help but also who is able to offer post-traumatic treatment, applying theoretical and practical training methods.
Benefits of training:
• You will receive knowledge of dermatology, skin texture, types.
• You will gain psychological and communication skills when dealing with vulnerable patients.
• You will learn how to perform a restorative dermopigmentation of areola.
• You will get acquainted with different procedure techniques and will be able to choose the most suitable for each client individually.
• You will learn how to choose the most appropriate tools, products, and equipment to perform the procedure.
• You will learn to perform the procedure in a professionally, taking into account the client's specifics.
• You will learn to give advice and guidance to the client.
• During the training you will gain strong theoretical knowledge and practical experience to feel confident in this unique industry.
• As GK Academy students become part of our team, we will support you on your new career path indefinitely and answer any questions you may have at any time.
This training is led by professional lecturer, a world-class dermopigmentation specialist. She is constantly exploring this science, innovating and applying the most innovative methods to help future dermopigmentation specialists grow professionally and gain the most relevant knowledge in the field.
During the PRACTICE, with the help and care of a professional tutor, you will do a dermapigmentation procedure of areola on artificial skin and for models using different technologies.
Training place:
International Training Center "GK Academy", V.Grybo str. 17, Vilnius.
• INDIVIDUAL 3-Day length, 30 ac.h. - 3500 EUR.
You will be given an international certificate in English which is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.
During the training you will be provided with the all necessary visual and methodological material. All required professional certified materials you will use during the training are included in the cost of the training.
After the training we will give you a discount on the purchase of equipment.
If you have any questions or want to register please call +370 676 87272 or write